Dominican Republic – Guest Friendly Hotels

Dominican Republic - Guest Friendly Hotels

Guest Friendly Hotels without
Joiner Fee in the Dominican Republic 2024

Here you can find lists of guestfriendly hotels at destinations in the Dominican Republic that do not require a joiner fee and do not charge a fee to a visitor in your hotel room. We only list accommodations that have been confirmed to be guest friendly in 2024!

Guest Friendly Hotels without Joiner Fee in

Boca Chica

List of Boca Chica Guestfriendly Hotels that do not have a Joiner Fee and do not charge guests in-room visitors.

Guest Friendly Hotels without Joiner Fee in


List of Sosua Guestfriendly Hotels that do not have a Joiner Fee and do not charge guests in-room visitors.

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Find Guest Friendly Hotels in the  Dominican Republic without Joiner Fee in 2024!

Would you like to find a hotel in the Dominican Republic Thailand that you can take an unregistered guest to your room with, regardless of whether it is a bar girl, a freelancer, without any additional fee? If you can answer this question with yes, then you’ve come to the right place!

Here I show you in which hotels in the Dominican Republic you can bring a guest to your room without a joiner fee, regardless of whether it is a girlfriend you just met or a street girl!

What is a Guest Friendly Hotel in the Dominican Republic?

These hotels in the Dominican Republic do not charge a joiner fee, that means, no additional fees if you want to bring an unregistered guest to your room. This can be any person: No matter whether it is a prostitute, a go go girl, a bar girl or a freelancer. You can also take your new girlfriend to your hotel room without any problems!

What does the joiner fee cost in a non-guest friendly hotel?

The amount of the joiner fee in a hotel that is not guest friendly is entirely up to the respective hotel. A few hotels only charge 20 to 30 US$. Avoid reserving an all-inclusive hotel for your fun vacation! These hotels all require that your girl be registered and checked in as a normal guest. This will cost $ 80 to $ 150!
You should avoid these additional costs by booking a Guestfriendly hotel in the Dominican Republic!

Why aren’t all hotels in the Dominican Republic Guest Friendly?

Many hotels in the Dominican Republic simply do not want bar girls, freelancers or hookers to go in and out of their hotels. Other hotels in the Dominican Republic tolerate it, but see an additional source of income through the calculation of the joiner fee. If you bring a girl to these hotels, you have to expect to pay the joiner fee. Some hotels even go so far as not to allow visitors to the room at all! This can be daunting and disappointing if you want to spend a fun vacation in Thailand.

Can several visitors be taken to the room?

Most guestfriendly hotels in the Dominican Republic allow a free guest in the hotel room. For an additional guest, however, an additional charge can be charged. In this point, the joiner regulations of the hotels are very different.

Just check the hotel lists of the Guest Friendly Hotels in the Dominican Republic that I have created. You can read everything in the Joiner guidelines of the respective hotel and you are on the safe side before making your reservation!