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Guest Friendly Hotels - Dar Es Salam

✔️ We only list hotels in Dar es Salaam that have confirmed in their joiner policy to be guest friendly in 2024!¹

Guest Friendly Hotels at Dar es Salaam

Here you will find some answers to questions regarding Guest Friendly Hotels in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

What are Guest Friendly Hotels without a Joiner Fee in Dar es Salaam?

Guestfriendly-hotels.com lets you know about hotels in Dar es Salaam that have confirmed that they are guest friendly.

In a guest friendly hotel in Dar es Salaam, you can take one or more local women with you into your hotel room without additional costs or a joiner fee.

If you have met a lady, you do not want to be surprised negatively in the hotel if your hotel does not accept additional guests in your room or additional costs charged by the Joiner Fee.

Avoid unwanted surprises and make sure that your hotel in Dar es Salaam is a guest-friendly hotel and does not charge a joiner fee.

On guestfriendly-hotels.com you can find many guest friendly hotels without a Joiner Fee in Dar es Salaam in Tanzania and read the respective Joiner guidelines.

In any case, you should make sure that you reserve a guest-friendly hotel without a Joiner Fee in Dar es Salaam!

What you need to know about guest friendly hotels in Dar es Salaam!

The woman you want to take to your hotel room must hand in the ID card at the hotel reception.

All guests have to register at the Guest friendly Hotel when they want to enter your room. This is common practice in Dar es Salaam hotels. It serves your safety and the safety of your guest.

You should definitely check the ID card yourself for the age of your beauties of the night!
Under no circumstances should you rely on the statement of a girl you do not know that she is already 18 years old.

No matter how beautiful and interesting a girl is, if she doesn’t have an ID card, say goodbye to her!

Why aren't all hotels in Dar es Salaam Guest Friendly?

A lot of hotel owners in Dar es Salaam just don’t want bar girls, freelancers or massage girls to go in and out of their hotels.

Other hotels in Dar es Salaam tolerate it, but see the calculation of the joiner fee as an additional source of income.

If you bring a girl to these hotels, you have to expect to pay a joiner fee. Some hotels even go so far as to not allow visitors in the room at all!

This can be disappointing if you want to have a fun vacation as a quality tourist on Dar es Salaam.

Can several women be brought into the room?

Most guest-friendly hotels in Dar es Salaam allow a free guest in the hotel room.

An additional fee may be charged for an additional guest. On this point, the joiner regulations of the hotels are slightly different.

The first girl is always free, and you will usually get breakfast in the hotel for the first guest!

Just check the guest friendly hotels in Dar es Salaam hotel lists that I have created.

You can read everything in the joiner guidelines of the respective hotel and be on the safe side before making your reservation!

Does the room have to be reserved for two people?

This makes perfect sense.

If someone is bothered by the fact that you want to take a visitor to your room, you can always point out that you have reserved the room for 2 people.

The prices are usually the same as a single booking. Check them when you make your reservation!

Regardless – the hotels listed on this page are all girlfriendly!

Guest Friendly Hotels without Joiner Fee
Dar es Salaam

Update 2024

Hotel Ambatoloaka

e room

Price of Guest Friendly Hotel without Joiner Fee Price from $ 28
Rating of Guest Friendly Hotel without Joiner Fee Rating 6,8 /10
Location of Guest Friendly Hotel without Joiner Fee Masaki, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Guest Friendly Hotel – no Joiner Fee
➨ confirmed by email in 2024:

Hotel Ambatoloaka is one of the Guest Friendly Hotels in Nosy Be. There is no joiner fee for girls in the room.

Distances from this Guest Friendly Hotel in Nosy Be:

➨ Beach: 150 m
➨ Nightlife (Le Taxi Be, Safari Bar etc.): 110 m

Hotel Kokoloko


Price of Guest Friendly Hotel Price from $ 40
Rating of Guest Friendly Hotel Rating 8,3 /10
Location of Guest Friendly Hotel Masaki, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Guest Friendly Hotel – no Joiner Fee
➨ confirmed by email in 2024:

Kokoloko” is one of the few Guest Friendly Hotels in Nosy Be (Madagascar) that does not charge a Joiner Fee for a Malagasy girl in the room. Visitors’ ID cards are occasionally checked by security.

Distances from this guest friendly hotel:

➨ Beach: 50 m
➨ Nightlife (Le Taxi Be, Safari Bar etc.): 100 m


¹ The Joiner Policy of the listed hotels can change daily. This is the sole responsibility of the hotels. We are not liable for changed joiner regulations. We keep the list up to date. We inquire once a year in the hotels via email (most recently in January 2024) whether they charge a joiner fee. Any changes are immediately processed in the list of guest friendly hotels!

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FAQ Dar es Salaam
nteresting facts for fun tourists.

Here you can find some answers to questions regarding Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Which locations (bars, restaurants) are recommended for meeting women?

In the Masaki district

In Masaki there are bars and restaurants of western standard. There are many very attractive women who are looking for a companion for short or long time in them. But be careful, not all women are looking for customers. Many “normal” women also go to these bars and clubs. The “working” women are easy to filter out.
However, it is much more exciting to have a one-night stand with a girl from Dar es Salaam who has no financial background. This is quite and quite easily possible. Somehow, almost all ladies are looking for a white supporter.
What you should be aware of. The ladies with financial intentions are very cautious in Dar. They seek eye contact, but you have to address them.

Most locations are very well attended from Thursday to Sunday. Mondays to Wednesdays it is a little emptier. You should also know that Dar es Salaam’s nightlife starts quite late.

A typical disco with an infinite number of freelancers. You don’t have to show up here before midnight. (Map)

Samaki Samaki
Located in proximity to the element. Perfect for preheating. It’s a mixture of a restaurant and a nightclub. The freelancers arrive from 10 p.m. and are mainly in the smoking area.
Attention: There are several locations in Dar with this name. Order a bolt to the “Elements” and then tell the driver that you want to go to the Samaki Samaki. (Map)

Q bar
A rather rustic bar that also offers food that you don’t have to eat. Live music is played Thursday through Sunday. The bar is then full of freelancers.

The three pick-up locations are in Halle Selassie Road. You can easily switch between them. But also use a taxi at night!
The salary expectations of the ladies are a bit aloof now and then. Sometimes moon prices of $100 are desired, which of course nobody has to pay.
Usually 40,000 – 50,000 TZS are accepted for short time and 70,000 – 80,000 TZS for long time. (Map)

Havoc nightspot
An upscale nightclub where the upper classes of Dar es Salaam also meet. In addition, there are also many freelancers who feel they belong to the upper class and accordingly demand excessive financial compensation. (Map)

Coco Beach Bar

As the name suggests, the bar is located on Coco Beach, at the western end of the beach. Quite a rustic place, more of a snack bar than a bar, with plastic chairs and tables. But it is an excellent place to chill out from noon. The prices for drinks are very cheap, the grilled chicken with fries and salad are recommended. The first freelancers arrive around lunchtime and are happy to go with you for a short time for 30,000 – 40,000 TZS.
After 4 p.m. it gets uncomfortable. Either deafening live music or canned noise is played. (Map)
A good time to walk into it

break up. In the very pleasant rooftop bar / restaurant with a view over Coco Beach and Masaki there is a happy hour on weekdays from 4 p.m. The Rhapsody’s is not a classic pick-up bar. Many better-earning locals go for a drink here after work. Often there are small groups of young women present who do not belong to the trade. If you know how to behave and are able to communicate, you can get to know “normal” women here. (Map)

Cape Town Fish Market

It is actually a highly recommended restaurant right on the water with very good food. A professional live band plays on weekends. The freelancers gather around the bar, all of whom you can later meet again at Samaki and Elements. (Map)


In the Sinza / Mwenge district

Welcome to Africa. The clubs & bars are the complete opposite of those in Masaki. In Sinza there are no stylish locations, no dress codes, no fancy things. Exactly my thing! The Africans go to the bars in Sinza and you mingle with them. The bars are rustic: plastic chairs, dance floor – everything is a bit bumpy, done! The ladies in the bars are attractive and have salary expectations on an African level.

Club Ambiance & Corner Bar

Both bars are right next to each other and are connected with a passage on the inside. Locations are well attended from Thursdays to Sundays – 99.9% of the time, but only blacks.
In front of the clubs there is an outdoor area with tables and chairs from which you can watch the hustle and bustle around the bars. Don’t let the beer prices fool you: A large Kilimanjaro costs 3000 TZS. So say you want a cold one.
The streetwalker’s area is right in front of the Ambiance / Corner Bar. On the left, a few meters up the dusty mogul slope, there are rooms to rent for an hour, into which you can check in with your new girlfriend. To the Price of 5000 TZS you get a small room without a shower. The rooms are only for the die-hard.
Beware: Keep your fingers and eyes away from women who are accompanied by Africans. That can be stressful pretty quickly. Sporadically, the police carry out a raid. Come on, see that you get away.

There are some special massage salons around the two clubs as well as in the neighboring streets. Girls can be found in this area at any time of the day. (Map)

If all of these sounds interesting to you, I recommend you check into the very good, female-friendly King D Hotel. After Masaki you are then a good 20 minutes by taxi.

Is Dar es Salaam worth it for men?

Yes, of course. There are women for every taste. Thick, slim, black, brown, with an Arabic or Asian touch. Get an overview on the known platforms.
However, a lot of initiative is required. In the Dar es Salaam FAQ above, I described the typical tear-open scales. Nobody is left alone here for long if they are able to approach the ladies. You are not constantly addressed. There is no begging for drinks. A lot goes through eye contact. Most of the time you have to approach the girls.
But it is also essential to create a profile on Tinder and Badoo. Hundreds of freelancers are on the move on both platforms. In my opinion, the success rate is 90%.

Many women also visit AfroIndroduction.com to find a man for life or to increase their income. It makes perfect sense to have a look around there. Above all, it is worthwhile to find an LT that does not necessarily come from the trade.



Are there street walkers in Dar es Salaam?

There is no classic area for street walkers. Many girls can be found in front of the Corner Bar and the Ambiance Club next to it. Also, from noon on Coco Beach.

How much does it cost to have fun in Dar es Salaam?

ST 30,000 – 50,000 TZS
LT 50,000 – 100,000 TZS

The prices depend on the location. While the prices at Coco Beach or in the bars (Corner Bar, Ambiance) in Sinza are in the lower range, prices in the middle and upper range must be expected in the bars in Masaki.

If salaries are paid in the lower range, about 3000 to 5000 TZS tip should be given for the taxi of the lady.

Moon prices between $ 50 and $ 150, which are often asked for, do not have to and should not be paid.

Is English spoken in Dar es Salaam?

Yes, almost everyone speaks good to very good English.

What should be done upon arrival at Julius Nyerere International Airport in Dar es Salaam?

There is a procedure that has been tried and tested by many travelers and has proven itself so well.

Read the following FAQs:

1. Where do I get cash in Dar es Salaam?
2. What do I have to consider when registering a SIM card?
3. How do I get to the city from Dar es Salaam Airport?

If you follow these three pieces of advice on arrival, you will receive a SIM card and cash without any problems, and you will get to your hotel in the city cheaply and safely.

Where can I get cash in Dar es Salaam?

Change money

In contrast to other travel destinations, there is a clear recommendation for Dar es Salaam to change money directly at the airport. The cheapest exchange rates in Dar es Salaam are offered at the airport for the euro and US dollar. For other currencies, including For the Swiss franc, too, the rates are terribly bad.

Before leaving the security area, there are three money changers near the luggage belts. Here it is definitely worth comparing the exchange rates of the three.

Later in town, exchange offices are few and far between. You can exchange money in restaurants and hotels, but at a significantly worse rate than at the airport.


If you also want to get cash at the ATM, you have to go to the old Terminal 1 or 2. There is currently no ATM at Terminal 3, which is where you arrive.

In Dar es Salaam (in Osyterbay and Masaki) there are many ways to get cash at ATMs in bank branches or sometimes in supermarkets. Please note, however, that you can withdraw a maximum of 400,000 schillings from one withdrawal process. It is also important to know that you should stock up on cash in good time before the weekend. The ATMs are not refilled on weekends and are mostly empty.

Even if your own credit card does not charge any fees for withdrawing money, bank fees are due when you withdraw money at the ATM at the latest.

In Tanzania, however, this can be circumvented at the DTB Bank (Diamond Trust Bank). The bank does not charge any fees. It is possible to withdraw 400k up to three times in a row.

The DTB is not widespread in Dar es Salaam. The Google search helps to find the nearest branch / ATM. In Dar es Salaam there are a machine in Masaki. Google Maps Link DTB Bank Masaki

The largest note is 10,000 TZS, followed by 5,000, 2,000 and 1,000 TZS.

On the return flight, money can be exchanged at the airport at the fair rate.

Attention: You will often be offered on the street to exchange money at the very attractive exchange rate. Leave it! There is counterfeit money in circulation!

What should be considered when registering a SIM card?

The local provider for mobile communications and mobile internet is Vodacom. In order to purchase a cellular card, however, there are a few hurdles to be overcome that you must know and follow.

When immigrating, you should insist that fingerprints be taken. This is not always the case. Vodacom (also all other telephone providers) compare the fingerprints taken in the shop with those in the immigration database. If the fingerprint comparison does not work (which often happens), a SIM card cannot be purchased!

If this happens, I would like to refer you to the small Vodacom shop, which is halfway outside the airport between Terminal 3 and Terminal 2 (small building on the left). This is where the staff usually finds a creative way to register and sell the SIM card.

How to get to the city from Dar es Salaam Airport?

You have the choice between regular taxis and Uber or Bolt.

Bolt is often a little cheaper. You can already download both apps at home, but you can only register on the site with your Tanzanian mobile phone number. Don’t be surprised, the drivers always call after a booking and ask where you are and where you want to go. Most of them are unable to use the navigation system in their apps.

After leaving the security area, you will be intercepted by smugglers who want to arrange the trip to Masaki or OysterBay for you for around 60,000TZS. With skill, you can negotiate the price down to around 25 to 40,000TZS.

Using Uber or Bolt costs around 15,000TZS for the same distance. Since you have to take taxis regularly in Dar es Salaam anyway, the use of Uber or Bolt is recommended.

Which part of the city is recommended for a hotel in Dar es Salaam?

Actually, only the two districts of Oysterbay (map) and Masaki (map) come into question to reserve a hotel. Why? All restaurants, bars, nightlife hot sports and Coco Beach are located in these two districts. Everything can be reached within 10 minutes with Uber / Bolt. In general: you will always need a taxi in Dar.

King D Hotel in Sinza might still be an option – but not necessarily for a newbie. There you are at the locations where the locals hang around. But then you need a good 30 minutes by taxi to get to the locations in Masaki and Oysterbay.

What are the transportation options in Dar es Salaam?

Masaki and Oysterbay are great. Dar es Salaam, even bigger. Nothing is centrally located in one place. You will always need a wheelchair to get from A to B.

Picking up regular taxis in the city is a matter of luck. You should always have your charged mobile phone with you so that you can order a mobile stand via Bolt or Uber. This works great.

What you should know: You can already download both apps at home, but you have to register them on site in Tanzania with your Tanzanian mobile phone number!
Why? The drivers always call after the order and ask where you are and where you want to go. Why? Many drivers are simply unable to read the sat nav instructions in their apps. The best thing to do is to let your Google Maps run along with you while you are driving in order to get to where you want to go.

Both apps are self-explanatory. You can pay in cash, by credit card or with PayPal. Bolt often offers the service cheaper than Uber. Bolt also often offers discount vouchers.

A Bolt is a regular car – with a little luck, even with AC.
A Boda is a motorcycle and should really only be used for very short distances.
A Bajaji is a tricycle with 2 seats on the back seat.
An XL is a 7 seater minivan.

During the day, I generally use a bajaji. At night, it is better to use a bolt (car) to lock doors and windows.

It looks similar in the Uber app.

In both apps, you will see the license plate number of the vehicle that will pick you up. Before you get into the vehicle, check the license plates! Don’t get into a vehicle that doesn’t have license plates. In this case, cancel the trip and order again – for your own safety.